Tennessee is fortunate to have some outstanding aviation museums, that are dedicated to a specific era, aircraft brand or type. Prior to the formation of the Tennessee Aviation Hall of Fame, there was no deliberate effort nor entity to research and coalesce Tennessee’s long and exceptional aviation history or to identify and honor those individuals who have contributed to it. For that reason, the General Assembly unanimously agreed to make the Tennessee Aviation Hall of Fame our state’s Official Aviation Hall of Fame and Repository and Archive for Aviation History (TCA 4-1-326). The TAHF is also an Official “State Symbol”. As the official and the only entity dedicated exclusively to Tennessee’s aviation history, this institution has a significant responsibility that is taken very seriously.

From the beginning, the TAHF has worked to discover and document aviation history across the state but not to disturb its geographic origin. This institution only seeks to collect memorabilia and artifacts when they are either offered or, clearly, there is no interest in preserving them locally. We also prefer a “loan” arrangement, where feasible, because ancestors frequently want to retain control of memorabilia connected to family members.

Tennessee’s Aviation Hall of Fame is a non-profit IRS 501(c)(3) public charitable foundation established to recognize, honor and enshrine individuals whose leadership in or for aviation, whether by exceptional service or extraordinary achievement, has made an enduring contribution to aviation for Tennessee, our nation or the world. In addition to its IRS non-profit status, the TAHF is required to be registered with the Tennessee Secretary of State as a charitable organization. Donors should make note of and record both the IRS and TN Charitable numbers for tax purposes: Federal I.D. No. 26-0122592 – Tennessee Charitable Reg. No. 9540

The Tennessee Aviation Hall of Fame Foundation is entirely dependent upon donations, grants, bequests, and sponsorships to fund its work. The Annual Gala and Inductions Ceremony is currently its primary fundraising event.

We hope you will decide to provide tax-deductible financial support to this foundation. If you have a particular preference as to where your funds should be used, please share that with us and we will strictly adhere to your wishes.

Federal I.D. No. 26-0122592             Tennessee Charitable Reg. No. 9540