Astronaut Margaret Rhea Seddon, M.D.

Astronaut Margaret Rhea Seddon, M.D.

 Enshrined November 12, 2005

Born in Murfreesboro, Rhea Seddon became a NASA Astronaut in 1979. A three-flight veteran with more than 722 hours in space Dr. Seddon was a mission specialist on STS-51D in 1985 and STS-40 in 1991. She was the Payload Commander on STS-58 in 1993. In September 1996 she was detailed by NASA to Vanderbilt University Medical School in Nashville where she assisted in the preparation of cardiovascular experiments which flew aboard Space Shuttle Columbia on the Neurolab Spacelab flight in April 1998. Born in Murfreesboro, Margaret Rhea Seddon graduated from Central High School in 1965. She received a BA in Physiology from the University of California, Berkley in 1970 and a Doctorate of Medicine from the University of Tennessee College of Medicine in 1973. Dr. Seddon completed her surgical internship and 3-years of general surgery residency in Memphis. Dr. Seddon is married to former Astronaut Robert L. “Hoot” Gibson and is now the Assistant Chief Medical Officer of the Vanderbilt Medical Group in Nashville.

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June 17, 2016