Col. James R. Haun, USAF

Col. James R. Haun, USAF

(1911-2001) Enshrined September 14, 2002

James R. Haun was born in Memphis, Tennessee. In 1925, he took his first airplane ride in a Travelair at Chattanooga. He then bought a Waco 9 for $400.00 and rebuilt it. Throughout the late 1930s, Haun flew barnstorming air shows in Tennessee and Arkansas and worked as a flight instructor. In August 1939, Haun was Commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant US Army Air Corps Reserve and the next year volunteered for active duty. In 1942, he was promoted to 1st Lieutenant and later became Commander of the 12th Observation Squadron, and promoted to Captain. In late 1942, Haun went to RAF Membury, UK and was assigned to 12th Fighter Squadron where he flew Spitfires. Later he became C.O. of 100th Fighter Wing, flew Republic P-47s and was promoted to Lt. Colonel. In 1944, Haun’s unit moved to France, where he flew P-51s. He was then transferred to Brussels, Belgium as a Forward Air Controller with an infantry division. In August 1945, Haun transferred to Air Transport Command, flying C-54s in India and was Director of Operations. In 1950 Jim was promoted to Colonel. In 1951, Col. Haun became C.O. of the 1254th Squadron at Washington National Airport, home of Air Force One. He retired from the Air Force in 1964. After retirement, Col. Haun returned to flight instructing in Middle Tennessee. This distinguished American remained involved in aviation until his death in 2001. Learn more about Col. Haun at

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June 11, 2016