John Shelton Wilder

John Shelton Wilder

(1921-2010) Enshrined November 13, 2004

No other public servant in Tennessee’s history has been a more ardent or more effective advocate for aviation, air transportation and Tennessee’s system of airports than Lt. Governor John S. Wilder. Mr. Wilder, Speaker of the Senate, is also a pilot who has flown for more than 40 years and logged over 12,000 hours of flight time. He holds a unique and distinguished place in the history of our nation having served as Speaker of the Senate and Lieutenant Governor of Tennessee for 36 years, longer than anyone has held that office in any state in United States history. Even into his 80’s, Governor Wilder still commuted between his home in West Tennessee to the State Capital in “Jaybird” his beloved 1970 Piper Twin Comanche aircraft.

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June 17, 2016