Robert E. Bomar

Robert E. Bomar

Enshrined November 10, 2007

Shelbyville’s “Bomar Field” Airport was literally Bomar’s field for years until it was first leased then purchased by the City of Shelbyville. The airport was built and owned by Bob Bomar; begun while he was home on leave as a Navy Pilot in 1944. Before enlisting in the Navy, Bob Bomar graduated from Cumberland University’s first Civilian Pilot Training Class in 1939. While in the service, Bob flew various Navy fighter aircraft in the European and Pacific theatres. Bomar aspired to an airline career but his entire life has been dedicated to general aviation where he earned a reputation as staunch advocate early in his career.

Governor Frank Clement sought Bomar’s counsel in 1953 that resulted in saving the floundering Tennessee Bureau of Aeronautics. That same year the Governor appointed a five-member Aeronautics Commission to oversee and manage the Bureau. Fifty airports were constructed across Tennessee between 1953 to 1968 while Bob Bomar chaired and served on the Tennessee Aeronautics Commission. From 1968 until 1992 Bob devoted himself to the Shelbyville Airport and upon retirement in 1992, he and his late wife were honored as recipients of Tennessee’s “Career Contributions to Aviation” award.

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June 17, 2016