William S. Whitmore

William S. Whitmore

 (1923-2001) Enshrined November 10, 2007

Bill Whitmore’s aviation career began in 1942 when he became a Marine Aviator. He flew 168 missions in WWII in the F4U Corsair and the AD-4 Skyraider attack bomber in Korea and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. Whitmore began what was to become a distinguished 30-year career with the Federal Aviation Administration in 1961. His logbook contains evidence that he conducted over 5,000 pilot check rides but his legacy is his extraordinary contributions to aviation safety in Tennessee. In 1990 when he retired from the FAA, the Tennessee Aeronautics Commission awarded Bill Whitmore its highest individual honor for his “Career Contributions to Aviation in Tennessee.”

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June 17, 2016